Lifestyle Program For Improved Sleep

At Sleep Dynamics, we offer a holistic approach to lifestyle modification. Home fitness programs, dietary advice and individual solutions to help you achieve your health goals

We offer tailored lifestyle advice for holistic healthcare

In order to holistically treat Sleep Apnea conditions, Sleep Dynamics has created a Lifestyle program, consisting of 12 months of patient support.

Our Lifestyle program consists of:

  • A customised home-fitness program accessible through your mobile phone
  • Monthly progress reports  to build patient physical activity. We use theraband resistance exercises combined with mild to moderate cardiovascular activity.
  • Dietary education, a motivation ‘toolkit’ and targeted monthly face-to-face check ins
  • Biometric and cardiovascular testing and goal-setting also aim to inform you of best dietary practice.

DID YOU KNOW … A 10% loss of  weight leads to a 26% improvement in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) outcome

Sleep Dynamics Lifestyle Program

Our Service Lifestyle Program


“Toward 300” Program

  • Customised program designed to be done at home
  • Individualised exercise prescription that is changed monthly
  • Addressing postoral and physiological limitations
  • Monthly meetings
  • Customised targets and assessments
  • Phone support


“Minus 500” Program

  • Focussing on small changes for maximum benefit. NO DIETS!
  • Help with food monitoring
  • Education on food, what to avoid, food traps
  • Ongoing support
  • Individualised goal setting
  • Phone support
  • Education of MyFitnessPal software
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1 Year Full Program Available

Phone Sleep Dynamics for more information on our Sleep Lifestyle Program (02) 4044 1260